Frequently Asked Questions

Apple IOSWhy am I having trouble reading tags on my IPhone?

(NFC is supported on the IPhone XR, XS, and newer.)

To preserve energy, IPhones aren't always looking for NFC tags (at least with the strongest frequencies).

The best time to read an NFC tag on IPhone is within the first 3 seconds of waking/unlocking your IPhone.

We made a video about this on our instagram page that you can watch here.

Try this:

  1. Hold the tag over your IPhone's front facing camera
  2. Keep the tag there, and then lock and unlock your IPhone
  3. You should see a notification for the ETRNL link

Android OSHow do I enable NFC on Android?

(NFC support across android devices vary.)

For Samsung phones:

  1. Swipe down on your notification bar
  2. Long press the NFC button and make sure it is set to Standard mode.

For all other Android phones:
  1. Go to your settings page and look for NFC
  2. Turn NFC on and make sure that NFC mode is set to Standard.

Can I order tags pre-programmed?

Of course!

We are more than happy to ship you tags with your content pre-loaded on them.

How much data can be stored on these tags?


Files are stored in our cloud, and the tag is just a key that unlocks access to the files