The ETRNL VAULT is a highly secure brand protection and product anti counterfeiting cloud platform. We use NXP's cryptographic secure NTAG 424 DNA NFC tags to generate unique, one-time URLs on every read that can be used to verify a product's authenticity. These tags use secret encryption keys to generate these URLs, and they cannot be retrieved from the tags once they're programmed. When you use our software to program your tags, we make sure the keys are kept secure and out of the hands of bad actors. We also make building applications around these tags extremely easy by providing an easy to use API. It cost 1 credit to program a tag, and if you buy tags from us, the credits are on the house!

Our API also allows you to implement custom logic and use these tags to do things like unlock digital content, restrict access to parts of your website/app, or perform tasks that users without the product cannot. And if you're wondering, No code solutions for certain website content management systems are on the way!

How does it work? Is it actually secure?

The backbone of our platform is the NTAG 424 DNA tag. These tags can be programmed with secret keys that are used to generate an encrypted string within the URL. Every time you read tap your phone to the tag, the tag's internal counter increases by 1 and the encrypted string changes, preventing the tag from being cloned. The only person who can decrypt this string is the person who holds the keys. Now here's where it gets interesting...

We can't actually see the keys. The keys are encrypted and can only be decrypted by the ETRNL code (e-code) within the tag's URL. So if our databases were to get hacked, the hacker would still need access to the physical tag in order to actually "clone" a tag. And on top of that, there are additional cryptographic validation methods to make sure that the tag came from a certified NXP manufacturer. We're working on a few features to make this even more secure along with doing everything we can to make sure that our systems don't get breached to begin with.

How can I get started?

Head over to our "getting started" guide here, or check out our 0 to Hero!

And never hesitate to contact us with any questions, or reach out in our Discord